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Project Lead the Way Blog Posts:

Blog Post #1

This summer was one for the books. I had so many awesome experiences, like camping and traveling with my friends, spending time with my cousin (who left to college), and best of all starting college apps. I'm kidding about that last part. I think in general I am just really excited for this year of engineering. From what I've seen both projects (JPL, and second semester project) seem like a blast! I am also really intrigued to see how a student run class will play out. Outside of engineering I am most excited to spend my last year in high school with my friends! Soon we will all be going our seperate ways, a thought that terrifies me. So, I hope to spend every moment of my free time with them. Oh and I almost forgot, I am super excited for my photo class this year, since we will be working on our own individual projects all year long. Blog ya later!

Santa Monica, CA

Blog Post #2​

   By studying the invention of Velcro, I learned that there are often much simpler solutions to complex problems. For our design, we have a decently complicated issue, but the solution may, in fact, be much easier to build than we are predicting.

   I wish I could say that communication in our group has been fine, but there have been some issues with people getting very passionate about certain priorities. However, aside from miscommunication and lack of materials to begin working with, I would say we are doing pretty well. I believe that the other groups will realize they are using too many different factors in their design, whereas we have tried to minimalize ours as much as possible. 

    Once we can begin to prototype, we may find that the spring launchers are not reliable. I would hope this doesn't happen, but unless we can build something to hold them in place they are going to move around too much.

    As for how my life is right now. It's pretty uneventful, which is a good thing. I don't know what you're interested in hearing, so I'll just tell you about my senior year so far! This year has been much easier than I thought it would be. I'm not too stressed about college applications, and I'm genuinely enjoying all my classes. I've never had a year where I can connect so well with every single one of my teachers, maybe I'm just less annoying than I was as a freshman. Anyways, I hope the ease continues.


Blog Post #3​

NASA has decided to return to the moon! Ever since NASA has sent satellites and rovers to the moon they have been studying its topography and resource makeup. By 2024 NASA plans on returning to the moon, and possibly sending a mission to Mars.


NASA has designed a complex system of infrastructures that will allow astronauts to stay on the moon's surface for longer periods of time and go on many more lunar missions in the future. A new rocket system (SLS), human capsule (Orion), and a brand new lunar outpost (Gateway) were designed. The return to the moon will be a mission unlike ever seen before.

These missions will allow us to much more closely study the moon and all of its resources, possibly even discover something in its water ice reserves. Also, the new lunar outpost could help in future missions to other planets, as it can be moved between orbits.

Although it doesn't really relate to our personal JPL project, the level of teamwork described in this new endeavor is something my group can learn from. When it comes to working on something together physically we work pretty well, as can be seen by the fact that we have made even any progress on our project. However, our team struggles with miscommunicating our individual ideas of our design/what needs to be done next. Our design keeps changing abruptly, a result of this miscommunication and it seems like only 2-3 people really know what is going on and any given moment.

NASA Video:

Ringe Dam Malibu Creek, CA

Blog Post #4​

The college admissions process has actually been a lot less stressful than I had thought it would be. I don't know if this is an entirely good thing, but the lack of panic and pressure has felt really good. I am however a little jealous of all the kids that have already gotten into school, through early acceptances. If I could go back I definitely would have applied to more schools earlier. Especially, if someone had told me that the majority of my winter break is going to be spent procrastinating on my applications. The work probably won't actually be a huge issue, but it is not much fun thinking about just how much work I still have to do..

Thank you!

Blog Post #5​

I'm super excited for second-semester senior year, more than any semester before. I mean, I don't know how excited I am for the school semester itself or just what will happen during it. I look forward to knowing what my next few years will look like (getting into college), but also spending my last few months here with my friends!

My group has actually worked really well together, well the times we have worked together. We may run into a problem of poorly managed absences, we have already, but personality-wise we all get along really well.

A for-profit design would most likely be cheaper to produce, less likely to last long, and cheaply transportable. A design made to benefit people would probably be cheaper for the consumer, built to last and made as cheaply as possible without compromising the integrity of the design. An example of a for-profit design would be an iPhone, but an example of a design made to benefit people would be a passport.

Blog Post #6​

The greatest challenge so far in the Capstone Project has been finding other solutions to the problem we are addressing, and also research to base our solution off of. I don't think this means it is not a real issue, simply that not enough people have addressed it, which I think is a positive in the end, no matter how annoying it may be. I am really happy with how our group has been working together, we've all been getting along swell and we can still be decently productive, two things that haven't been so true in the past.

Getting solution advice from multiple sources is incredibly helpful because someone else may come up with a solution that you never would have thought of. Also, you can combine multiple solutions to create one very improved solution. At the very least you hear the advice and decide not to take it, so there is little to no harm in hearing suggestions.

Blog Post #7​

As of right now, I want to go to school for cinematography and anthropology. I'm not sure if I wanna be a director of photography, a director, a documentary filmmaker, I'm not really set on anything. All I know is I wanna work with lots of people and lots of cameras because they are two of the things I love and find most rewarding to work with. Oh also, a lot of travel would be pretty nice. 

An Investigation of Spike Jonze:

Career: Movie Director

Education: San Francisco Art Institute

Job Requirements: None. Connections, connections, connections.

Describe in 5 Words: A jack of all trades.

I chose to research Spike Jonze because I have really enjoyed his movie and general work in the past. He is also younger than most directors so I thought I might relate to him more. I like that he did not have an extensive education, but I'm surprised he went to the SF Art Institute.


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